Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Holiday painting thus far

First up, some proxies for RPG Soldaty in AT-43. GW plastic Cadians, with cut-down and drilled laser rifles to make them a bit chunkier. Also, I've used the spare Wargames Factory 'glengarry cap heads' from my Zulu War Brits. They look like forage caps, and fit the 'soviet feel' of Red Blok.

Unfortunately, the detail on the face sculpts isn't all it should be, so I had to accentuate the eyes with with a Devlan Mud wash before using the inevitable Army Painter quick shade. They look OK, though, and were considerably cheaper than the 'official' figs. As my mate pointed out, it makes you stop and think when you're looking at GW as the cheaper option...

Another long-term project has had a bit of a dust-off this week, French & Indian Wars! I finished off a few regulars for the Brits, and plan to finish off some French regulars later on this week. I've got some Rangers, some Coureurs du Bois and some Woodland Indians to do, plus a cabin and some fences. That should keep me busy for a while...

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Warrior IFV

The 1:72 Revell kit with the metal 'up armour' kit from Liberation minis. Basecoat of FoW 'War Paint' German Armour spray, dry brush with Citadel Foundation yellow, then Army Painter 'Strong Tone' and Army Painter matt varnish. I'm going to pop a few ariels on to finish off, I think. The worst part of the whole thing is putting the tracks on: nightmare.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

I'm just a small Cog in a big machine, me.

The contents of an AT-43 Cog Army box, painted up like the previous AT-43 minis. Played a game last night using my Red Blok. Great fun, less fiddly than 40K.

Sunday, 14 February 2010


This little lot finishes my current Iron Dwarf fleet for Uncharted Seas. Just waiting for the zeppelin mini to be released (drool....)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Whilst watching the Superbowl...

...I finished off these Red Blok Kolossi. Again, just a quick highlight, Army Painter Strong Tone,Army Painter matt varnish and sand/ flock base.

Saturday, 6 February 2010

More progress...

Finished off the last of the 2000 point AT-43 Red Blok army box. All the minis are prepainted; all I did was give them some highlights, a dip in Army Painter (Strong Tone) then matt varnish and base.

The big beast is a 'Dotch Yaga' (whatever that is) and took me about 30 mins to get it like this. Some of the models are really characterful.

Also, nearly finished the remaining Zulus (metals from Empress).

List of things to paint...

  • Finish Zulus
  • Finish off Red Blok stuff for AT-43 (first army box plus some armoured infantry)
  • Higlight/ wash/ base Cogs for AT-43
  • Dwarf flagship and subs for Uncharted Seas
  • French regulars, a load of Huron, Rangers and Coureurs du Bois for 28mm F&I skirmish
  • 20mm Warrior AFV for Ambush Alley
  • 6mm Napoleonic French for Black Powder
  • 15mm NW European Brits for FoW or BKC

Other stuff to be added to this list as the mood takes me...

Friday, 5 February 2010

OK, a tough night of painting and listening to classic rock so far. I've finished re-touching and basing the last bits of my Red Blok army box (pics to come; batteries ran out...).
I have finished my Thaniras Elves Flagship for Uncharted Seas; had to scratch-build some sails though. It's just not an Elf ship if it doesn't have sails...

An evening's painting lies ahead....

The wife has gone out, leaving me to paint my heart out. Results up later...