Saturday, 3 April 2010

Updated list of things to paint...

Finish Zulus - Done
Finish off Red Blok stuff for AT-43 (first army box plus some armoured infantry) - Done
Higlight/ wash/ base Cogs for AT-43 - Done
Dwarf flagship and subs for Uncharted Seas - Done
French regulars, a load of Huron, Rangers and Coureurs du Bois for 28mm F&I skirmish
20mm Warrior AFV for Ambush Alley - Done
6mm Napoleonic French for Black Powder
15mm NW European Brits for FoW or BKC

To add to the above:
15mm NW European Germans (mortars, MGs, Pioneers, etc)
20mm Ambush Alley figs/ vehicles (WMIKs, Abrams and a few other bits)

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