Sunday, 18 December 2011

Assault Ram finished!

Or as finished as I want it to be for now, anyway....

Saturday, 17 December 2011

More assault ram action!

Now sealed, primed and ready for painting. I've added a few icons and bits from the Forge World brass Ultramarine icon sprue, though you can't see them on this picture

Thursday, 15 December 2011

I've been making stuff....

This is my latest project; an almost scratch-built caestus assault ram. I've used a few bits from the GW Storm Raven kit, but as you can see it's mainly foam core and mounting card. The plastic kit cost me £30, but the Forge World kit would have cost around £100! I'm going to seal it with pva and then have a go at an Ultramarines paint job.
All in all, I'm really pleased with it so far. Hope I don't bugger it up during painting....

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A belated Firestorm: Armada report.....

Ok, some pictures from a game at the Evesham club on 17th October. Tried my newly-painted Directorate versus Paul's Sorylians. Good fun (especially for me as I won by the simple expedient of not telling Paul the rules....)

Monday, 27 June 2011

Another pregnant pause...

Long time, no post. I've been busy painting up the fairly huge Ultramarines army I've collected, as well as painting the house (including a dedicated games room :- woo-hoo!). Once everything's sorted, I'll post pics of the whole Ultramarines force as well as some pics of my shiny new gaming room.

Anyway, just finished some more figures shown below:

First up, an old-school Techmarine which I plan to use as a Master of the Forge. I used bicarbonate of soda mixed with pva as a basis for the snow effect. This was finished off with a sprinkling of Citadel snow effect. I really like this effect; I've used it on all my Marines, and I plan to add it to my existing table and scenery to add to the theme.

Next up is a Dreadnought, showing off a scratch-built Assault Cannon arm (apart from the barrels). Pretty effective at almost no cost.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

'The Battle of Bloody Gulch': 13th June, 1944. After-Action Report

As in reality, the Americans moved off from their start points, only to find the Axis forces moving up to meet them. The close terrain meant that the German Half-Tracks were forced to use the only road, leaving them vulnerable to attack from ahead or either flank.
 The above picture shows the battlefield from the German point of view. Below is the American initial deployment.

 The advancing Germans come under desultory fire from an American mortar unit, who are soon silenced by exceptionally accurate LMG fire from the advancing half-tracks.

The Americans push on with their planned envelopment of the attacking enemy forces. However, the Germans manage to form cohesive firing lines and push back the attempted encirclement.

Due to exceptionally, and unexpectedly, accurate fire, the Paras are forced to break off and retreat to Carentan to await further reinforcements from the beach-head.

Verdict: Not really a representative game, due to particularly 'spawny get' dice-rolling on my behalf. We thought the vehicles were a bit too good (possibly due to Mr G's appalling luck!). Overall, though, a fun game.

'The Battle of Bloody Gulch': 13th June, 1944

"When the 101st Airborne entered the town of Carentan on June 12, 1944 (D-Day + 6) after heavy fighting on the two previous days, they met relatively light resistance. The bulk of the surviving German defenders (from the 6th Fallschirmjäger Regiment) had withdrawn to the southwest the previous night after a heavy Allied naval and artillery bombardment. Both sides realized the importance of the city: for the Americans, it was a link between Utah Beach and Omaha Beach, and would provide a base for further attacks deeper into German-occupied France. For the Germans, recapturing Carentan would be the first step towards driving a wedge between the two U.S. landing beaches, and possibly destroying or severely disrupting the Allied invasion.

The remnants of the 6th Fallschirmj√§ger resupplied and were reinforced by assault guns and panzergrenadiers of the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division on the night of June 12–13. The combined force counterattacked northeast towards Carentan at dawn on June 13, just as the 506th and 501st PIR were attacking southwest to enlarge the American defensive perimeter around the town. The 506th took the brunt of the attack, and by 10:30 a.m., the outnumbered and outgunned paratroopers were pushed almost back to the outskirts of the city..."

Our planned game for this afternoon will cover a small portion of this pivotal action. The mysterious Mr G will be using his American Paras (501st), and I'll be using Panzergrenadiers (17th SS). We'll be using the Disposable Heroes rules, with the 'Engagements' section of the Battlefield Evolution: World at War rules to set the objectives. Below is a map of the actual battle.

I think we'll focus on the lower section of the battle, where the road to Periers crosses the infamous 'Hill 30'. Of course, we'll have to contract the size to fit the proportions of a 6x4 table, but should be an exciting game.


Friday, 29 April 2011

Chaplain completed....

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ultramarines Signifer

Inspired by watching 'carry on cleopatra'; my first attempt at using green stuff to sculpt an animal skin hood.
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More Space Marine stuff waiting for the brush

A Chaplain in Terminator armour waiting to be completed. Recently read 'Helsreach', and it inspired me to make this bad boy....
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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Battle for la Foret, 9th June 1944

On the morning of 9th June 1944, men of the 2nd Battalion/ 175th Infantry Regiment moved from their base at Isigny Sur Mer towards the small hamlet of Neuilly la Foret. Only the night before, elements of the 175th and 747th Armored had liberated Isigny, capturing the bridge intact as well as a battery of enemy artillery.

Rapid progress was made along the D11 until the American forces reached the outskirts of la Foret. Here, the German 352nd Infantry Division had sited a key supply dump, vital to their struggle to stem the Allied tide. As the Americans approached through the green fields of Normandy, the Germans raced to evacuate the scarce supplies.

The scene was set for a bloody and decisive skirmish….

I stole a FoW scenario for this, the one where the defender has objectives to defend but loses units as the game progresses. It worked quite well, and good fun was had by all, even me (who lost...again).

The Germans dug in along their deployment line to protect their spread-out objectives. Unfortunately, the Americans concentrated their forces on the German right flank.

A fierce firefight ensued, with the German armour being taken out early in the game. In response, a group of fanatical Panzergrenadiers leapt out of ambush to immobilise the rampaging Sherman, only to be mown down in short order by the Allied troops.

Shortly after this, the Americans captured their objective and held off the last German counter-attacks through sheer weight of fire.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Guilty secret.... (WIP)

I've had these in the loft for ages. Painting the Space Hulk minis got me into painting the rest, and now I just can't stop (sob...)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Planetary Assault: After-Action Report

The Aquan forces translate into realspace as the assault begins. Sighs of relief are heard as the assault squadrons make the translation without loss. The accursed Dindrenzi are surprised but move to engage.....

The Manta Battle Carrier breaks the Dindrenzi line and heads for the planet...

The Dindrenzi have scattered a dense minefield in their wake, in an attempt to blunt the attack...

But the Aquan admiral uses his fighters to clear the mines from his path.

Despite a hard-fought engagment, the Aquan second wave neutralises the Dindrenzi threat, leaving the planet open for conquest.

All in all, the scenario worked pretty well I think. Next time, I'd make the forces equal, with the remainder of the defending forces arriving on turn 6, to put some pressure on the attackers to press the assault before the defending forces arrive. Good fun, and I really appreciated the positive comments about my ships and the space mat I made. Thanks, lads!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Firestorm Armada mission (nicked from ACTA 2nd ed...)


This scenario depicts a showdown between two fleets. The defender has been hammered in past battles and been forced to retreat to a strategic strongpoint. The planet it is defending can be considered either a mere staging outpost or its very homeworld. The attacker has a tough fi ght ahead as planets are typically well defended but the ultimate prize of real territory lies ahead….

Fleets: The attacking fleet has 50% more points than the defender.
Pre-Battle Preparation: The defender sets up in his deployment zone first (all ships must be within 6" of the planet; ships may declare 'cut engines' prior to the start of the game). The attacker moves at least half of his squadrons on from his short table edge in the first turn. The remainder of his squadrons are in Foldspace and must attempt to shunt into normal space during the game.
Game Length: 6 turns or until Victory Conditions are met.
Victory and Defeat: This scenario focuses on the planet rather than the fleets themselves. Planets are exceptionally important strategic targets and it would be worth the death of an entire fleet in order to capture or retain hold of one. The game continues until either the defender has no Troops left on the planet or the attacker has no Troops left to deploy. If, at this point, the defender still holds the planet with Troops, he has won (but may be in for a long blockade if his fleet has been wiped out). If the attacker has Troops on the planet but the defender does not, he gains victory. All other circumstances result in a draw.

Planetary Assault
Actually destroying ground-based troops from space is exceedingly difficult and while sustained bombardment will inevitably cause some casualties, sooner or later the attacker is going to have to deploy his own ground forces if he wants to actually conquer the planet.
Most ships carry some form of ground trooper or marine. These are typically used as security forces on board the ship, to repel boarding actions and forming away teams when missions require planetside operations.
However, in war they are sometimes used as frontline ground assault forces.

Treat planetary assaults as boarding assaults. The planet has DR6, 8 PD and 8 AP.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The Emperor protects...

I managed to get hold of a copy of the most recent edition of the Space Hulk boxed game; the plastic Terminators are just out of this world! I painted these up in about 6 hours from scratch, and I'm really pleased with them.