Sunday, 6 February 2011

Planetary Assault: After-Action Report

The Aquan forces translate into realspace as the assault begins. Sighs of relief are heard as the assault squadrons make the translation without loss. The accursed Dindrenzi are surprised but move to engage.....

The Manta Battle Carrier breaks the Dindrenzi line and heads for the planet...

The Dindrenzi have scattered a dense minefield in their wake, in an attempt to blunt the attack...

But the Aquan admiral uses his fighters to clear the mines from his path.

Despite a hard-fought engagment, the Aquan second wave neutralises the Dindrenzi threat, leaving the planet open for conquest.

All in all, the scenario worked pretty well I think. Next time, I'd make the forces equal, with the remainder of the defending forces arriving on turn 6, to put some pressure on the attackers to press the assault before the defending forces arrive. Good fun, and I really appreciated the positive comments about my ships and the space mat I made. Thanks, lads!

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