Sunday, 1 May 2011

'The Battle of Bloody Gulch': 13th June, 1944. After-Action Report

As in reality, the Americans moved off from their start points, only to find the Axis forces moving up to meet them. The close terrain meant that the German Half-Tracks were forced to use the only road, leaving them vulnerable to attack from ahead or either flank.
 The above picture shows the battlefield from the German point of view. Below is the American initial deployment.

 The advancing Germans come under desultory fire from an American mortar unit, who are soon silenced by exceptionally accurate LMG fire from the advancing half-tracks.

The Americans push on with their planned envelopment of the attacking enemy forces. However, the Germans manage to form cohesive firing lines and push back the attempted encirclement.

Due to exceptionally, and unexpectedly, accurate fire, the Paras are forced to break off and retreat to Carentan to await further reinforcements from the beach-head.

Verdict: Not really a representative game, due to particularly 'spawny get' dice-rolling on my behalf. We thought the vehicles were a bit too good (possibly due to Mr G's appalling luck!). Overall, though, a fun game.

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  1. No time wasted Mr R in putting up this after action report! I was expecting a more detailed summary of my humiliating defeat! Still cannnot believe that four shots with a bazook at a Hanomag on an open road didn't manage to knock it out. Fortune was not smiling on me last night. But I would agree it was still a fun game, looking forward to the next re-match. Now I'm off to sacrifice a goat to the God of luck!