Friday, 29 April 2011

Chaplain completed....

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Thursday, 28 April 2011

Ultramarines Signifer

Inspired by watching 'carry on cleopatra'; my first attempt at using green stuff to sculpt an animal skin hood.
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More Space Marine stuff waiting for the brush

A Chaplain in Terminator armour waiting to be completed. Recently read 'Helsreach', and it inspired me to make this bad boy....
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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Battle for la Foret, 9th June 1944

On the morning of 9th June 1944, men of the 2nd Battalion/ 175th Infantry Regiment moved from their base at Isigny Sur Mer towards the small hamlet of Neuilly la Foret. Only the night before, elements of the 175th and 747th Armored had liberated Isigny, capturing the bridge intact as well as a battery of enemy artillery.

Rapid progress was made along the D11 until the American forces reached the outskirts of la Foret. Here, the German 352nd Infantry Division had sited a key supply dump, vital to their struggle to stem the Allied tide. As the Americans approached through the green fields of Normandy, the Germans raced to evacuate the scarce supplies.

The scene was set for a bloody and decisive skirmish….

I stole a FoW scenario for this, the one where the defender has objectives to defend but loses units as the game progresses. It worked quite well, and good fun was had by all, even me (who lost...again).

The Germans dug in along their deployment line to protect their spread-out objectives. Unfortunately, the Americans concentrated their forces on the German right flank.

A fierce firefight ensued, with the German armour being taken out early in the game. In response, a group of fanatical Panzergrenadiers leapt out of ambush to immobilise the rampaging Sherman, only to be mown down in short order by the Allied troops.

Shortly after this, the Americans captured their objective and held off the last German counter-attacks through sheer weight of fire.