Monday, 27 June 2011

Another pregnant pause...

Long time, no post. I've been busy painting up the fairly huge Ultramarines army I've collected, as well as painting the house (including a dedicated games room :- woo-hoo!). Once everything's sorted, I'll post pics of the whole Ultramarines force as well as some pics of my shiny new gaming room.

Anyway, just finished some more figures shown below:

First up, an old-school Techmarine which I plan to use as a Master of the Forge. I used bicarbonate of soda mixed with pva as a basis for the snow effect. This was finished off with a sprinkling of Citadel snow effect. I really like this effect; I've used it on all my Marines, and I plan to add it to my existing table and scenery to add to the theme.

Next up is a Dreadnought, showing off a scratch-built Assault Cannon arm (apart from the barrels). Pretty effective at almost no cost.